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Mario Sesti

Mario Sesti’s interest in movies started when he was working as a film critic for prestigious newspapers like L’Espresso, La Repubblica, Ciak. In 1997 he realized his first audiovisual work, the short documentary “L'uomo dal sigaro in bocca”. As a screenwriter, he worked on “Cosa c'entra con l'amore” (1997) and “Appassionate” (1999). From 1998 to 2000, he was the project manager of Cinema Forever, curating the restoration of films like: “Un maledetto imbroglio”, “La dolce vita”. Francesco Giullare di Dio”. In 2005, he realized a new documentary: “La voce di Pasolini”. He has been one of the organizers of the first Rome Film Festival in 2006, and he worked as the coordinator of the scientific committee and supervisor of the “Il Lavoro dell’Attore” division Mario Sesti’s last documentary “Cinecittà - i mestieri del cinema. Bernardo Bertolucci: No End Travelling” has recently been at Cannes, in the section Cannes Classics.