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Athina- Stockholm

Nominated for

Best Foreign Film

Director: Anastasia Sima

13' • Greece • 2019

Greek, Swedish

Anna studies and works as a 3D animator in Sweden. She stays in touch with her grandfather in Athens Greece, via daily Skype calls.Anna calls from her room and her grandfather from his friend΄s pharmacy. Two cities, three people connected to the web, a situation that is about to change.

Producer: Anastasia Sima

Writer: Anastasia Sima

Cast: Sissy Toumasi, Yiannis Thomas, Yiorgos Stavrianos

Having graduated from the School of Management and Economics at the Technological Educational Foundation and obtained a post-graduate degree from the School of Science-Geology and Geoenvironment Faculty at the Univercity of Athens she later studied Film Directing in Athens. ATHINA-STOCKHOLM is the first film she wrote and directed. She is now in post production for a documentary short.

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