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Taking place for the 6th consecutive year, the Independent Film Festival brings once again hand-picked independent films of various genres. Dedicated to our mission to empower filmmakers of all backgrounds, the RICF23 programme features 10 narratives and documentaries by awarded and newcomers filmmakers from Italy and abroad.  


This year's edition is divided into two screening slots. With the title "Exploration of the city", screening slot 1 screens Wan-Ling Liu's short film animation "The Egret River" (Taiwan) and Elia Romanelli's feature documentary "Venice Elsewhere", which shows another side of Venice through the stories of people who have never been there but who all have intimate ties with the city. An anthropologist and director, Romanelli has created a stunning documentary that uses the city as a metaphor for life examining the impact of metropolitans and the power of imagination. 


The second screening slot is dedicated to the art of short filmmaking. Through 8 shorts that span a wide range of genres and originate from various countries including Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, Italy and South Korea, the audience will have the chance to explore different parts of the world.  Yusuf Nasir's "Regret to Inform You" talks about people's struggles and the need to be valued and appreciated through the story of an ageing male performer and the rejections he faces. In the documentary "When Will Warmth Come",  Oleksandra Pletenetska documented her emotional stages during the full-scale invasion of her country - Ukraine. In the comedic short documentary "Diomysus", the director and puppeteer Emily Morus-Jones uses mouse puppets to voice dialogue from interviews with real members of Britain’s polyamorous community.


Diverse, fresh and youthful, RICFF brings the best of the independent cinema in the heart of the city. 

Nominated Films 

Best Feature Film (Fiction)

The Tree House
Stake is High
The Sisters Karras
Algot and Claes
Paper Man

Best Short Film (Documentary)

Dust to Light
CAPPC (China Asia Pacific Press Center) - The montage of 13 journalists' trips to Chengdu in 2018
Skimboard Nazaré
When Will the Warmth Come?

Best Short Film (Fiction)

Regret To Inform You
Garfield Seashell
Love is the monster
The Bulls

Best Short Film (Animation)

Yellow Dove Aftermath
Going Well..
The Egret River
The Fantastic Flying Competition

Best Short Film (Experimental)

Slow Burn Summer
Are you listening?
Piano Piece
Quattro Movimenti: A Study on Scelsi

Best Feature Film (Documentary)

Day after...
Ice World 
Cuba My Soul 
Venice Elsewhere

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