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Rock Out

Nominated for

Best Foreign Film

Director: Alice Gadbled

22' • Belgium • 2019


Activist and atheist all his life, Bob though asked to be burry religiously, which disrupts a lot his three children Emilie, Lucien and Benoît, but delights his sister Nicole. How to say goodbye with codes that aren't yours? How to share mourning? How to share the deceased?

Producer: MédIADiffusion

Writer: Alice Gadbled

Cast: Cosima Bevernaege, Jean-Jacques Rausin, Léopold Terlinden, Francine Laffineuse

Alice GADBLED was born on 13 February 1993 in Strasbourg, France. She graduated from a bilingual French-German school, obtaining both the French diploma of Baccalauréat and its German equivalent, the Abitur. She studied film at the University of Strasbourg and obtained her bachelor's degree in motion picture arts in 2014. She then went to Belgium, where she was admitted to the Institut des Arts de Diffusion, Department of Filmmaking. She succeeded each year and graduated programme Master 2 Fiction Film in 2019. Alice GADBLED likes to address complex subjects and emotions in her projects: mourning, vulnerability, family ties, hardship, love, etc. Even though these themes are far from joyful, she seeks to reveal the light shining through the complex situations. Her vocation is to make films centered on feelings, that go beyond comprehension.

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