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Award Nominations 2021

Best Feature Documentary Competition

Breaking the silence.jpg

Breaking the silence

(Biabu chupea, Un grito en el silencio)

Dir. Priscila Padilla

83' • Colombia • 2019

To have or not to have a clitoris is a dilemma for the Embera Chami indigenous women. The fear is what prevents these women from abandoning the practice of female genital ablation.

The Remandee.jpg

The Remandee

Dir. Alexander Lind & Jakob Jakobsen

51' • Denmark • 2020

William has been remanded for 2 years in Lusaka Central Prison, awaiting conviction in a case in which he is charged with car theft and murder. After losing touch with his wife and daughter six months ago, he is now deeply concerned about his daughter’s safety. Prison counselor Hastings arranges a meeting between William and his wife Mutinta. She has secretly remarried, but William is convinced that true love never fades away and tries to win her back. Given his undecided fate in prison and the uncertainty of his future William is eventually forced to make a tough decision: choosing between a tempting secret affair with his ex-wife that sets her new marriage and the daughter's wellbeing at risk or the safety of their child.

Woodgirls - A Duet For a Dream.jpg

Woodgirls - A Duet For a Dream

Dir. Azadeh Bizargiti

76' • Islamic Republic of Iran • 2021

A story about the lives of Leila Avakh and Sedigheh Momennia who have chosen, with much love and passion, carpentry as a profession, a profession that is considered extremely masculine in the traditional society of Iran. As such, these two face many difficulties and obstacles. However, they are determined to prove to themselves and their society that it is not impossible to achieve your dreams. Leila and Sedigheh are amongst the first female carpenters in Iran.

The Price of Progress.jpg

The Price of Progress

Dir. Victor Luengo

79' • Spain • 2019

The Price of Progress is the portrait of decision making of the Food Industry. What is more important and what is the price to get it. Within the context of urgence that determines most of the debates around the next agriculture in the European Union, the film explores the intrigues, fears, emotions, political pressures and arguments of key players like corporate lobbies, politicians, renowned scientists and investigative journalists related to the international Food Industry. What is at stake in Food dilemmas? Power, money or health?

Ghiaccio - Sweeping Lives.jpg

Ghiaccio - Sweeping Lives

Dir. Tomaso Clavarino

70' • Italy • 2019

Val Pellice, Italy. A valley that is slowly depopulating and where hundreds of asylum seekers arrived to live. Amongst them are Kebba, James, Edward, Seedia, Lamin, and Joseph. Six African boys that share many things. They are running from conflicts and threats, and now find themselves waiting for a commission, that knows very little about them, to tell them if they are going to be embarked on a plane back to their countries of origin, or if, instead, they may have the chance to build a new life in Italy. They share the limbo in which they are forced to live, but also a common dream: the first ever curling team composed by asylum seekers.

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