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Award Nominations 2021

Best Feature Film Competition


Out Of The World

(Hors Du Monde)

Dir. Marc Fouchard

97' • France • 2020

The very private Leo has some issues communicating with others: he only lives for his music to open up to the world. But for now, he's not able to live from his passion as a composer, so he works as an Uber driver on the side and lives in his car. One day, Léo picks up Amélie, a one of a kind client : deaf and yet a dancer, she is receptive to the compositions he plays in his sedan. Léo seems attracted by this woman, connected to the same sound universe and yet cut off from the world, just like him. Amélie is attracted to the dark Léo but what she doesn't know is that he is a dangerous predator...



Dir. Jesper Klevenås

72' • Sweden • 2020

Linda and her daughter Mira, who suffers from diabetes, live together with Linda’s new, tender boyfriend. Linda loves her daughter but is addicted to shopping. One day Linda is out shopping with Mira and forgets to buy her lunch. Mira, who took a high dose of insulin without getting food, passes out on the floor of the shopping mall. Linda’s addiction gets out of hand. She looses her job but continues shopping. Her boyfriend confronts her, finally. But she won’t let him control her life and leaves him. She’s now without home and income. Her despair grows. There are those who want to help, but Linda starts to realize that she won’t be able to live the life she wants, a life she so much would like to give to her daughter.

The Women that I Live With.jpg

The Women that I Live With (Las Mujeres de mi Casa)

Dir. Valentina Reyes

76' • Chile • 2020

A family composed of three generations of women with their different processes and stages of life must face Alzheimer's, causing the family to adapt around space and time in their own house, which is soon to be sold.

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