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A Moment of Bliss

Nominated for Best Feature Documentary

Directed by Bachar Khattar

59' • Lebanon • 2021


Hearing the word Lebanon often automatically translates to chaos for many people, but the chaos I feel is different. It is an internal conflict of ideas and emotions which, despite the stage of collapse we are currently passing through, produces unique moments of happiness such as a coffee with friends, a hike in nature, or a sunset at the beach. I like to describe such small moments that still surprise us as “A Moment of Bliss.” Few seconds summarize the love-hate relationship between a country and its people. A country with sectarian divides, socioeconomic insecurity, rights violations, and disregard for its residents… Caught in between what is and what could be, life has become an emotional rollercoaster. This is not a journey to discover who is behind the crisis but rather meet people experiencing this rollercoaster, with the hope that through them, we would be able to define this Moment of Bliss. We would be able to recognize whether it is just an illusion and a coping mechanism or a palpable reality that gives this country a unique charm that must be shown and shared with the people who haven’t experienced Lebanon yet.

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