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Gennaro's Fever

Nominated for Best Feature Documentary

Directed by Daniele Cini

53' • Italy • 2020

Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish

What urges 19-year-old Gennaro, born in Puglia, Italy, to artisan parents, to leave everything behind and dedicate himself body and soul to helping the most disadvantaged people on earth in the world’s conflict zones? In November, 2017, having volunteered in Syria, Lebanon, the West Bank, and Niger, Gennaro, now on board a ship in the Mediterranean, faces the dreaded decision of choosing whom to save. In those frantic moments, still painful to remember, he rescues Merline, an African woman. The rescue leaves a permanent mark on his life, driving him to follow his “feverish” need to help others. Years later, during a mission in Colombia, Gennaro measures himself against another difficult, but thrilling, situation, when Merline’s unexpected phone call from Germany leads him to a new journey, due, this time, to some happy news.

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