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Silver Spitfire - The Longest Flight

Nominated for Best Directing Documentary

Directed by Benjamin Uttley

89' • United Kingdom • 2022


A British expeditionary team attempt a dangerous, world-first circumnavigation of the Earth in an 80-year-old vintage World War II fighter to inspire a new generation through the freedom of flight. Looking for new ways to pass on the heritage of our liberty, pilots Matt Jones and Steve Brooks embark on a daring expedition with a small team to do something no one has ever done before. What they discover in the skies that connect our World unlocks lessons about ourselves, home and the fragility and beauty of freedom through G-IRTY, an iconic interceptor aircraft that battled for liberty against the Nazi regime. This beautiful record of the entire expedition spanning 26 countries —something seldom achieved, let alone from low altitude—was shot over the four months of the odyssey. It provides a snapshot of the World and its cultures in the present day whilst remembering our past. Human and machine form an emotional bond, filled with ghosts of our past, as together they continue the story she started telling in the 1940s. The aerial vistas, breathtaking, as the Silver Spitfire soars and roars from Europe to North America, Russia, Asia, Arabia and back again, chasing the sun westward. An immersive portrait, brimming with danger, drama and heart-wrenching emotion, Silver Spitfire - The Longest Flight takes you inside one of the most special machines ever created—reflecting the World and ourselves in her silvery, glistening wings.

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