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The Truck

Nominated for Best Feature Documentary

Directed by Viacheslav Merzlikin

106' • Ukraine • 2021

English, Russian

The Truck is not about a vehicle. It is a name the community have given to an ordinary guy with extraordinary physical abilities. His name is Alexandre and he is 36. When he was a young boy, arguments and rows of his parents, lack of attention caused some irreversible results. His slow development was the reason why he was not admitted to school from first attempt, his personality had already been shaped, so he was very hard to educate, and new problems came up. Despite this, Alex managed to grow into a hard-working, neat, and tremendously strong man. Still going to school, he left home in search for independent life and work. He has been shaping his willpower, stamina, and strength by taking new challenges every day, and appreciating freedom more than anything else. Eventually his dream of being a truck driver has come true, but this truck has no engine, instead it is driven by his human hard-beating heart.

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