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Award Nominations 2021

Best Foreign Film Competition



Dir. Sophie Somerville

18' • Australia • 2019

Narrated by the birds that roost in the rafters of a shopping centre, Peeps is a portrait of five unique teenage girls in contemporary Australia.


Rock Out.jpg

Rock Out (La Dernière Séance)

Dir. Alice Gadbled

22' • Belgium • 2019

Activist and atheist all his life, Bob though asked to be burry religiously, which disrupts a lot his three children Emilie, Lucien and Benoît, but delights his sister Nicole. How to say goodbye with codes that aren't yours? How to share mourning? How to share the deceased?




Dir. Hai Li Yu

18' • China • 2020

The story tells a slide of life between Zi Lin and his mother in one afternoon, when one of Zi Lin's secret is reviewed.


Athina - Stockholm

Dir. Anastasia Sima

13' • Greece • 2019

Anna studies and works as a 3D animator in Sweden. She stays in touch with her grandfather in Athens Greece, via daily Skype calls.Anna calls from her room and her grandfather from his friend΄s pharmacy. Two cities, three people connected to the web, a situation that is about to change.


Aquatic Bird.jpg

Aquatic Bird (水鸟)

Dir. Nan Zhang

18' • China • 2021

In this absurd world, everyone is doing things in opposition to their heart, doing jobs they don’t want to do, hiding their passions, and hurting others to bury their pain. Ah Shui (Aqua)and Zhang Niao(Bird), a cross-dressing girl, get tangled up in each other’s worlds because of a green dot of light. This green dot becomes their guide, allowing them to meet in their dreams.

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