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Award Nominations 2021

Best Short Documentary Competition



Dir. Adam Shaw

19' • United States • 2021

Each year, thousands of refugees from around the world seek asylum in Japan, but only 0.1% of applicants are accepted. Nanmin portrays life as an asylum seeker in Japan, focusing on the secretive migrant detention centers and harsh parole system in interviews with activists, lawyers, and refugees.



Dir. Marion Bergin

9' • Ireland • 2020

Dublin is a city in the midst of a property development boom and with the gentrification of the inner city, working-class horse culture is being marginalised. It’s something quite unique to the city and likely won’t exist in fifteen years. The media only ever shows a negative side of the culture as there have been many issues with welfare in the city since the mass over-breeding of the early nineties. This film takes a snapshot of some of the men who genuinely care about their horses as they struggle to keep the remnants of the culture alive.

Now I am an Axolotl.jpg

Now I am an Axolotl

(Ahora soy un Ajolote)

Dir. Alejandra Medellín

11' • Mexico • 2020

The Xochimilcan Axolotl is an endemic species to Mexico City. It's currently critically endangered because of water pollution issues. Even though it's a tiny animal, it's extinction would affect us all. "Now I'm an Axolotl" tells the story of the demise of the Axolotl, consequences and possible solutions.

Sons of Sultriness.png

Sons of Sultriness

Dir. Roberto Palattella

12' • Italy • 2020

Shot in a Togolese village and a hospital nearby, this mood-driven docu-fiction aims to portray hopes and struggles of several children from the community.

They Keep Quiet So We Make Noise.png

They Keep Quiet So We Make Noise

Dir. Marlena Skrobe

12' • United States • 2020

In Jenjarom, a small palm plantation town approximately 50 kilometers outside of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the smell of burnt plastic crept across the town every night entering the homes of residents, stirring them awake. After months of sleepless nights, a few local residents decided to investigate the source of the smell, forming The Environmental Protection Agency of Kuala Langat. In the documentary short They Keep Quiet So We Make Noise, follow two activists in The Environmental Protection Agency of Kuala Langat, Pua Lay Peng and CK Lee, during a night drive searching for illegal recycling facilities while learning about their fight against the tide of plastic waste being sent to Malaysia from overseas.


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